State Patrol Inspector Assists In Kiel High School Search

An inspector from the State Patrol’s Fond du Lac Post was one of more than 20 state patrol officers that responded to the Kiel High School on March 23rd for a reported shooting. A teacher heard what sounded like a gunshot outside the high school near an entrance. Inspector Scott Hlinak was inspecting a truck near Highway 45 and County Highway T in Oshkosh when he got the call. He was among the first on the scene in Kiel and helped search the woods near the high school. He says, “You start forming four or five person teams. When I got there, I mean I literally got out of the car right away and I was with a six person team and we cleared the woods, which is just south of the school because that is where the shot came from.” He tells us they worked with a K9 and a drone. Afterwards Hlinak joined the effort to search the school. He says, “I wasn’t assigned traffic, I was kind of on the inside because I was one of the first people there and so I was assigned I think with a group of seven or eight and we went to school because they had, Manitowoc had a SWAT team they were clearing the first floor and it’s like a high school, how long does it take?” Because the shooting was reported before classes only about 20 people had to be evacuated from the school. Nothing was found.