State Patrol on Memorial Day Travel

With the unofficial start to summer coming this weekend, the State Patrol wants to remind people to be smart and careful on the roads. Inspector Scott Linek says it’s usually a good idea to leave early, because traffic will be packed for Memorial Day weekend. 

Linek says people should “have the mindset of ‘well, I’m probably not going to get there at regular speed.’ There might be a delay or something like that. Every time we deal with a broken down car on the side of the road, there no blame that there’s a crash and tow trucks that give people something to look at. Traffic just slows down, and sometimes it doesn’t recover until we leave, and we know that.”

He also reminds people to make sure to double check campers, boats, and other trailers that have been sitting in storage all winter. It’s also recommended to check the connection of lights every time you stop – rather than just checking before you leave home.