State Patrol Reminds Drivers to Pay Attention to Light, Road Conditions

The seasons are beginning to shift once again, and that means things are getting colder and wetter. That also means – even with Daylight Savings Time coming soon – it’s getting darker, earlier. State Patrol Inspector Scott Linek reminds drivers to pay attention to their surroundings. 

He says that “anytime you’ve got shadows crossing the roadway in the evening or night, that’s a good indicator that you should have your headlights on. People get caught looking at cross traffic in the shadows. Frosty mornings could have icy spots in areas – and wet leaves.”

Sergeant Luke Newman adds that there are things other than precipitation that may also cause some issues on the roads, as “farmers are out there trying to get crops out of the fields, so they’re out there all times of day. And it’s been pretty muddy, so – they do clean it up off the road, but sometimes it’s a little slipperier, especially when you get a little moisture on there, so be aware of that.”