State Patrol Travel Reminder on Brake Lights

The Fourth of July itself may have passed, but with the holiday landing in the middle of the week, plenty of people are still taking this weekend to hit the road. Traffic might not be quite as bad as it would be if the holiday landed on a Friday or Monday – but it’s still important to make sure your vehicle is good to go. 

Sergeant Luke Newman with the State Patrol reminds everyone to test the lights on any trailers hitched onto their vehicles. Newman says “before you use is every time you should make sure that they do work. Get somebody else, make sure the brake lights work. Make sure the turn signals work, make sure the regular running lights work and all that. Typically trailers aren’t used every day. You get – and I know I’ve had it – mice chew on those wires and shorten them out or do whatever, but you’ve got to make sure it’s working.”

More than a million Wisconsinites are expected to travel this Independence Day – which is about a six-percent increase over last year. Newman hopes the holiday landing on a Wednesday makes the roads a bit safer for travelers with traffic being spread out throughout the week.