State Regrouping In Effort To Expand State Highway 23

State Senator Dan Feyen says now that the state’s legal challenge to a lawsuit that stopped federal funding for the Highway 23 expansion project is over, it is time to regroup. He says there is still a need to expand the highway between Fond du Lac and Plymouth to four lanes. He says the DOT is coming up with modifications to the study that a federal judge didn’t feel was sufficient and there is language in the state budget to help move the project forward. He says federal funding is still available for the project, but what the state needs to do to access it is the key question. He says the federal funding would provide at least 25 percent of the project costs. He says the project would have both federal and state oversight. Feyen says there is not much that can be done about the money that has already been spent of the project, which comes to about $33 million for engineering and land acquisitions.