State Representative Hintz Responds To State Of The State Address

The State Assembly Minority Leader feels Governor Scott Walker failed to talk about some important issues during his State of the State Address. State Representative Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh told KFIZ News the biggest challenge we have facing state government for the last six years has been how to deal with out transportation infrastructure. Hintz says, “We have a governor who had punted on that challenge, has doubled the money that we spend on debt for transportation. Our roads are now the second worst in the country.” Hintz also sees some irony in the Governor’s proposal to expand the Senior Care program. Hintz notes in two previous state budgets the Governor tried to dismantle and eliminate Senior Care. Hintz says, “The Governor who proposed dismantling our long term care system and privatizing it, now he is holding it up as some sort of national model and looking at expanding it. You know this is an election year budget by a Governor with low poll ratings who is desperate to rewrite the history of the last eight years.” Hintz also takes exception to having people who collect welfare benefits drug tested. He says, “The Governor is perpetuating the myth that everyone down and out on their luck must be doing drugs.” Hintz gave the Democratic response to the State of the State Address.