State Rests In FDL Murder Trial

The prosecution rested its case in the murder trial of a 39-year-old Fond du Lac woman Wednesday. The last witness for the prosecution was Dr. Kristinza Giese the associate medical examiner for Fond du Lac County. She testified that a reenactment Eve Nance did for investigators of Tim Nance’s shooting wasn’t a likely scenario. Dr. Giese was present for that reenactment. Eve Nance told detectives there was a struggle over a gun in a bathroom and it fired twice. Giese said it was more likely Tim Nance did not have his hand on the gun when it fired and it was more than a couple of seconds between the two shots being fired. She also said there was no stippling around the wounds or soot in the wounds, which would mean the shots weren’t fired that close to him. The trial continues today.

Murder Suspect May Have Suffered From Battered Wife Syndrome

With the prosecution resting in a Fond du Lac murder trial, the defense began calling witnesses Wednesday. Lawyers for Eve Nance called Dr. Eugene Braaksma to the stand. Braaksma is a licensed psychologist and an expert on battered persons or battered wife syndrome. During the course of the trial the jury has heard testimony that the victim, Tim Nance, may have been physically and emotionally abusive. Dr. Braaksma says prolonged abuse can lead to battered person syndrome. He testified he visited Eve Nance on three occasions to evaluate her. Eve Nance is accused of shooting Tim Nance to death in their home on November 1st of 2013. The trial continues today in Fond du Lac County Court.

Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss In FDL Murder Trial

Fond du Lac County Judge Gary Sharpe Wednesday denied a defense motion to dismiss charges against a Fond du Lac woman accused of killing her husband. The judge listed a number of reasons for denying the motion. He said Eve Nance lied to everyone for weeks about where her husband Tim was and what had happened to him. Judge Sharpe said the bullet wounds to the head of Tim Nance were not consistent with how Eve Nance said the injuries occurred. He said the fact that Tim had affairs and the couple were married at the time plays to motive and leans the case more towards an intentional shooting. The case continues today.