State Schools Superintendent Candidates

Teacher Development Time

The two candidates for State Schools Superintendent differ a little on giving teachers enough time to prepare for the classroom. Current State Superintendent Tony Evers says the $35 million the Federal Government will cut for teacher development funding in Wisconsin will have an impact. He says it is a big deal. He says we want to make sure our teachers are well prepared and up-to-date. 

Meanwhile former Beloit Schools Superintendent Lowell Holtz says in talking with Milwaukee Middle School teachers he found they have to spend too much time dealing with standards for Common Core. He says they spend over an hour a day inputting data, which he says is very much related to the requirements of Common Core which has a ton of check lists for kids. The winner of today’s election will serve as head of the Department of Public Instruction for the next four years.  

Educating Kids

Are Wisconsin public schools failing to provide an adequate education for their students? The two candidates for State Schools Superintendent have differing opinions. Former Beloit Schools Superintendent Lowell Holtz says current State Superintendent Tony Evers lowered the bar so it appears schools aren’t failing their students. He says according to Evers we have failing kids, but not failing schools. Holtz says the job of the schools is to prepare kids and if we are not meeting our mission we are failing. Evers criticizes Holtz saying Holtz has talked about doing away with school boards in our five largest cities and turning struggling schools over to private providers. He says that is stuff that should be talked about out in the open and not behind closed doors. He says it is a significant difference between him and Holtz. The two also differ on school choice with Evers against it and Holtz favoring it. 

Best Qualified

State voters will decide today who is best qualified to be State Schools Superintendent. Former Beloit Schools Superintendent Lowell Holtz retired last June to run for the office and has served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. He says he has had more connection with classrooms over the last 16 years than current State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers. He says Evers has been stuck in the DPI while he has been working with parents, teachers, and principals to make kids successful. Evers says he has been in education for 40 years the last eight years as State Schools Superintendent, which he says he feels humble about. He says they have had some good success while he has been in the position and he is looking forward to achieving more. 

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