State Senate Approves Bill Package Aimed at Combating Lyme Disease

The Wisconsin State Senate unanimously passed a series of
bills this week aiming to combat Lyme Disease and other insect-borne diseases.
The package of bills, known as “Bite Back”, was introduced earlier this year –
and includes a number of measures that are targeted towards raising awareness
and keeping people safe from diseases caused by Tick bites. The bills that were
passed by the senate include:

Senate Bill 296 requires signage that raises awareness of Lyme
disease, how to prevent tick bites and encourages visitors to Wisconsin’s State
Parks to check for ticks after visiting.

Senate Bill 297 requires the sale of bug spray in certain
state parks or forests when the office is open and staffed. 

Senate Bill 298 requires the printing of informational brochures
on Lyme Disease and tick bites to be distributed at state parks. 

Senate Bill 300 establishes a 19-member committee to study
tick-borne diseases, which will create a report for the legislature on changes
to the state’s approach to Lyme disease and other diseases spread by ticks.

The bills now head to the State Assembly for approval