State Senate Passes Resolution To End Mask Mandate In WI

The Wisconsin Senate has passed a resolution which would put an end to Governor Tony Evers’ emergency statewide mask order. Milwaukee’s Chris Larson was among numerous Democrats who opposed the effort 

“Because we think . . an emergency should only be allowed every 60 days? Well I’m sorry, emergencies don’t give a darn about your feelings. Emergencies end when they’re done.” 

Republicans maintain Evers has illegally issued multiple emergency orders and mask requirements. Among them is Senator Dan Feyen from Fond du Lac. In a press release issued Tuesday, Feyen said  “The vote I took today is not about masks. It is not Republicans being anti-science, it is about following state law and the state constitution.” 

If passed by the Assembly on Thursday, the joint resolution will go into effect immediately, although local health declarations and mask orders won’t be affected.