State Senate Votes to Fire Ag Secretary-designee Pfaff

The State Senate voted Tuesday afternoon to fire state
Agriculture Secretary-designee Brad Pfaff, who was appointed by Governor Tony
Evers. The senate voted 19-14 to reject Pfaff’s confirmation – all 19
republicans voted against Paff, while all 14 Democrats voted to keep him on the
job. Five republicans who had voted in committee earlier this year to recommend
Pfaff’s confirmation voted against his confirmation today, but did not offer reasons
as to why their votes changed.

The Evers administration, along with state and federal Democratic
office holders and a variety of ag industry groups urged Republicans to allow Pfaff
to continue to serve in the position he’s held since January. Senate Majority
Leader Scott Fitzgerald cited what he called “missteps” Pfaff had with
Republicans as justification for his nomination facing rejection. Fitzgerald
told reporters on Friday that Pfaff “didn’t have the votes” to stay on the job.