Staying Out of Flooded Streets

Between major storms last week and rain this past weekend – we’ve seen a lot of water hitting the streets recently. You may see videos of people playing in flooded streets or kayaking down the road, but Officer Erik Foster tells us “you don’t know what’s in that water. It is probably nasty. A lot of times that water is coming from backed up sewers, you might be playing in feces and other stuff. So you just have no idea what’s in it, stay out of the water. It’s dirty.”

Foster also asks people to “just think about this. You’re in a pool of water on your
street, and you have no idea if down the block, there’s a power line down
that’s also in that water. What could happen with that? We’re super careful
when we’re coming in and dealing with it, but we’d hate to see someone
electrocuted because they’re playing in water.”

Foster also mentions that “there were a couple different incidents during that storm throughout
our area where people were swept away. One was a vehicle trying to go through
some high water – maybe you get stuck in it but then it keeps coming and the
area builds up a lot of power behind it – and now you’re in the situation where
your car’s about to be swept away. And now we have to try and go out there and
rescue you and put a lot of other people’s lives in danger.”