Steve Kastenschmidt Taking Over as School Resource Deputy for Rosendale/Brandon School District

A new school year is approaching, and that means students
and staff will be returning to schools around the area very soon. The start of
a new year also means a new School Resource Officer for the Rosendale/Brandon
School District. Deputy Steve Kastenschmidt with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s
Office is stepping into the School Resource Officer role in the district after
longtime deputy Julie Flaherty retired at the beginning of the summer.
Kastenschmidt says he’s been preparing for his new role over the summer by
attending conferences to learn more about the so-called ‘tools of the trade’ of
working in the schools. “We learn different things as far as adolescent
behavior, delinquency, things that we need to look out for as far as the legal
aspects of dealing with children in certain situations – as well as families,
and where our boundaries are with the law enforcement side versus the school
and mentoring side,” Kastenschmidt said.

Kastenschmidt tells us he became interested in working in
the schools as a resource deputy because of his interactions with kids in the
community while raising his own family. He says he wants to give back to the
kids and “instill some good morals” for the youth in the community. Kastenschmidt
will begin working in the school starting next week Monday to get things set up
for the school year. The first day of school in the Rosendale/Brandon School
District is Tuesday, September 3rd.