Still Time for FDL County Residents to Take Broadband Internet Survey

There’s still time for Fond du Lac County residents to take a short survey on broadband internet service in the county.

The survey is being conducted through a partnership between Envision Greater Fond du Lac and Fond du Lac County, and officials say is only the first step in making internet access available to all county residents.

Elle Henne with Envision tells KFIZ News they have already received quite a bit of feedback from people across the county through the survey.

“So far we’re seeing about 10-percent of people who don’t have internet service at all, but they want to have it – and then another 65 percent who say ‘I have internet, but it doesn’t really meet my needs’,” Henne said. “So that’s three-quarters of our county that isn’t satisfied with their internet service or their internet access.”

Following the completion of the survey, data will be mapped and analyzed before working with internet providers to apply for grant funding to make internet service upgrades.

A separate internet access survey for county businesses is also going to be available in the coming weeks.

Click here to take the broadband survey

Listen to an interview on the survey from Wednesday’s Fond du Lac Today show