Storms Cause Damage In FDL County

High winds and the damage it caused led to Fond du Lac County officials sounding tornado sirens Monday night. County Communications and Emergency Management Director Bobbi Hicken says a citizen did report seeing a funnel cloud, but the National Weather Service only reported weak rotation in the storm. She says they decided to set off the sirens due to the strong winds. Trees and tree branches brought down power lines across the County with quite a bit of damage in the Brandon-Fairwater area. A number of houses were also hit by lightning. The story was the same elsewhere including Fond du Lac. Division Chief Troy Haase says they responded to calls in the City and elsewhere. He says they sent four firefighters out to help the Lamartine Fire Department with a structure fire. Meanwhile lightning hit homes at 64 East McWilliams and 345 Marquette. He says the fires were out quickly, but caused electrical damage. Haase says there were also reports of localized flooding due to the heavy rain that accompanied the storms. Hicken says they will have a better idea today how much damage was done.