Students Set To Return Full Time Next Week, But FDL Ed. Assoc. President Voices Concerns

The Fond du Lac School Board met Monday night, and again the subject of in-person classroom instruction was one of the main discussion items. Bill Morgan, Social Studies Teacher at Fondy High and also President of the Fond du Lac Education Association, addressed the board. Morgan said “we need to make it clear that teachers want students back in their classrooms, five days a week. We know the benefits of in-person instruction.” With the anticipation of bringing students back 5 days a week, also come concerns, said Morgan ” Most teachers will not have the opportunity to be vaccinated by February 15.” Morgan also said there are a number of other challenges, such as whether or not rooms will be properly cleaned, loss of instruction time for students who are quarantined, lack of proper social distancing for students, and lack of consistency when it comes to proper and continual masking. Students are set to return to a modified traditional instructional model starting Monday, February 15.