Studio 40 Completes Exterior Renovation In Downtown FDL

In the photo: Studio 40 after the completed exterior renovation. Left to right: Natalie Basty, Dave Moody of National Exchange Bank and Trust, Jennifer Hobbs, Judie Duitman, Meloni Pierce, Doug Duitman, Brenda Goeser, Jen Kumbier, and Amy Hansen of the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership.

Fond du Lac, WI  Studio 40 recently completed an exterior renovation of their building at 40 Fourth Street, a salon housing nine independent stylists and The Nail Box nail studio.

As part of the renovation, the building received new stucco, new paint, and new windows. New additions include awnings to cover the entrances at both the north and east sides of the building in an industrial style to complement the interior renovations completed in 2016.

This renovation was partially funded from a Building Improvement Grant, a competitive grant program designed to incentivize property owners to undertake exterior property improvements with the intention of supporting continued improvement toward a more aesthetically vibrant downtown.

“Property owners Doug & Judie Duitman have invested heavily in improving an underutilized corner of downtown. We are thrilled with the results of the renovation and love seeing other property owners inspired by their great work,” said Amy Hansen, Director of the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership.

Studio 40 and The Nail Box opened in June of 2016 and feature stylists Brenda Goeser, Natalie Basty, Jennifer Hobbs, Christina Ott, Jen Kumbier, Yvonne Mack, Meloni Pierce, Sally Grimmer, Randi Turner, Kim Athanasiou and nail artists Victoria Bartelt and Diane St. Louis.