Sturgeon Harvest Declines In Day 5

Spearers saw a decline in harvested fish on the fifth day of the sturgeon spearing season Wednesday, with a total of 36 fish taken on Lake Winnebago. 

The current totals have reached 93 juvenile females, 285 adult females, and 248 males. Each of the Lake Winnebago sex-specific harvest caps remains far from being reached, and the DNR is anticipating a 16-day Lake Winnebago season.

DNR staff observed fewer shacks on Lake Winnebago, and the overcast clouds most likely impacted visibility and harvest rates for the day.

Calumet Harbor and Grundman Lane had most of the harvest for today with 22 fish combined. View the full details in Wednesday’s harvest report here.

Wednesday, three fish were harvested over 100 pounds, including a large 133.7 lbs, 78 inches, F1 female caught by Maxwell Naparalla. 

The Winnebago System annual sturgeon spearing harvest has varied in the number of spearers, water clarity and ice condition over the last 80 years. These fluctuations are part of the history, tradition and overall success of the sturgeon spear fishery. 

Along with changes in yearly conditions, there have also been changes through the years in how the population is being managed. Read more about sturgeon spearing’s history in today’s vignette.