Sturgeon Report : 2/12/18

Photo: Colton Dunham had the biggest Sturgeon on day three, weighing 153.7 pounds and measuring 79 inches long. 

By Ryan Koenigs, DNR Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist

Spearers harvested 109 fish from the Winnebago System today with 48 coming from Lake Winnebago and 61 from the Upriver Lakes.  This included 2 very nice fish, one from Lake Winnebago and one from the Upriver Lakes.  The biggest fish on the system today was 153.7 pounds, 79.0” and was registered at Boom Bay (Upriver Lakes) by Colton Dunham.  The biggest fish taken from Lake Winnebago was 147.7 pounds, 74.6” and registered at Stockbridge by Jeffrey Dreher.  I have included a photo of both Colton and Jeffrey’s fish. 


Today’s harvest from the Upriver Lakes included 21 adult females and thus, we are now only 2 adult females from the 90% trigger.  Further, we are only 11 adult females from the 100% season closure.  So there is a strong chance that the Upriver Lakes fishery will close at 1 PM tomorrow (11 or more adult females would have to be harvested). If 2-10 adult females are harvested tomorrow, then the fishery would close at 1 PM on Wednesday.  So I encourage folks with unfilled Upriver Lakes tags to get out there tomorrow and fish as it might be their last opportunity for this season. 

Jeff Dreher’s fish registered at Stockbridge weighed 147.7 pounds and was 74.6 inches long