Sturgeon Report – 2-15-15

Here’s the Air Tech Sturgeon Update for Sunday…February
15th, 2015


From Ryan Koenigs of Wisconsin



Well spearers were once again met with cold
conditions on day 2 of the 2015 spearing season, but at least the winds had
died down and visibility on the lake had substantially improved.  Shanty
counts on Lake Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes remained similar to those
observed on day 1 with the only noticeable change being a significant decrease
in shanties in area 3 (West Central) and a significant increase into area 5
(Southwest shore).  Harvest numbers on day 2 remained strong with 403 fish
being harvested from Lake Winnebago and 85 fish harvested from the Upriver Lakes.  We are roughly half way to
the adult female harvest cap for Lake Winnebago and have reached 72% of the
adult female harvest cap on the Upriver
.  Given these
numbers I am anticipating the Upriver Lakes season to last another 2-3 days,
while the season on Lake Winnebago is a little harder to predict (could end as
earlier as Thursday or as late as Sunday).  A more detailed breakdown of
today’s harvest is presented in the attached document. 

The largest fish harvested today was 129.3
pounds, 78.2” and speared by Tom Reise of Oshkosh
At this time I haven’t been able to track down a photo of that fish, but will
attempt to do so for at least tomorrow’s report.  I hope to send out a
more detailed report later today/tonight, but wanted to get the harvest numbers
out so people knew how today’s fishery went.  Thank you and good luck to
those spearers who still have active tags!