Sturgeon Report : 2/17/18

Photo: Jim Price had the biggest fish on Saturday, with his sturgeon weighing in at 136.7 pounds and measuring 78 inches long. 

By DNR Winnebago Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs

We are now half way through the 2018 sturgeon spearing season on Lake Winnebago.  We have been hearing reports for the last few days that the water has gradually been clearing and there must be some truth to that given the harvest over the last two days.  The 119 fish registered the past two days (51 yesterday and 68 today) is only 20 fish behind the opening weekend tally, and I am confident that there were fewer shacks and spearers out on the lake today relative to last weekend.  The registration station at Wendt’s has been pacing the way for most of the season and today was no different.  19 fish were registered at Wendt’s today followed by Calumet Harbor (11 fish), Jerry’s Bar (10 fish), Stockbridge Harbor (9 fish), and Payne’s Point (9 fish). 


There were three 100+ pound fish registered today (2 at Wendt’s and 1 at Calumet Harbor).  The largest fish of the day was 136.7 pounds, 78.1” and registered at Wendt’s by James Price of Fond du Lac (photo attached).  Jeremiah Tripke of Fond du Lac also registered a nice fish (124.3 pounds, 78.3”) at Calumet Harbor (photo attached).  In addition to the 100 pounders, there were many memories made by spearers today.  David Schulze of Oshkosh had his good luck charm (his daughter) with him today as he harvested a 77.2 pound, 65.6” female that he registered at Wendt’s.  Further, Faren Harding of Fond du lac (left in the photo) was sitting in the shack with two of her friends as a 54.2” (28.7 pound) sturgeon came into the hole.  This was Faren’s first fish and from what I’ve heard, throwing the spear was just the beginning of the chaos that occurred between the time the spear was thrown and the fish was on the ice.  


Congratulations to all spears that were successful today and good luck to everyone still in search of a sturgeon during the 2018 season!           

David Schulze of Oshkosh speared this 77 inch, 65 pound sturgeon with his daughter along for the trip

 Jeremiah Tripke of Fond du Lac speared this 124 pound Sturgeon on Saturday. 

Faren Harding (Left) speared her first sturgeon Saturday.