Sturgeon Report 2-19-16

Here’s today’s Sturgeon Report presented by Air Tech Heating…
This is from Ryan Koenigs of the Wisconsin DNR
Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Enthusiasts:
Day 7 is now in the books and harvest decreased on Lake Winnebago today compared to the past two days.  Today’s harvest of 20 fish brings the season total on Lake Winnebago to 265 fish, 5 of which have exceeded 100 pounds.  The biggest fish harvested from Lake Winnebago today was 88.2 pounds, 65.0” and registered at Stockbridge Harbor by Kurt Halbach.  We will be reopening the Waverly Beach station for the weekend, so successful spearers on the north end can register their fish at Waverly Beach. 
The real story from today is the closure of the Upriver Lakes after a successful 7 day season.  The largest fish harvested from the Upriver Lakes today was 83.0 pounds, 65.0” and registered at Indian Point by Luke Verhagen.  As in years past I have drafted a vignette outlining the history of the Upriver Lakes sturgeon spear fishery, while also providing a very preliminary synopsis of this season’s fishery.  Enjoy the read and good luck spearing during the remainder of the season.