Sturgeon Report – Day 9 : 2/18/18

Photo: Gregory Naparalla had the largest fish on Sunday. 

By DNR Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs

There were 69 lake sturgeon harvested from Lake Winnebago today, making today the 2nd largest harvest of the season behind only opening day when 83 fish were registered.  Today’s harvest is also very similar to yesterday’s in terms of number of fish registered (68 on Saturday), but different in terms of which stations were the busiest.  Wendt’s, Calumet Harbor (Pipe), and Jerry’s Bar (Oshkosh) were the busiest stations on Saturday, in that order, while Cal Harbor, Wendt’s and Waverly Beach were the top three stations today.  Yes, you read correctly, Waverly Beach was one of the busier stations on the lake today.  There were just 21 fish registered at Waverly Beach during the first 8 days of the season, but today was a new day as 10 fish were registered there. 


The largest fish of the day was 141.4 pounds, 75.7” and registered at Jerry’s Bar by Gregory Naparalla of Berlin (photo included).  The season will continue for 7 more days, but I do want to notify spearers that we have decided to close our registration stations at Waverly Beach, Quinney, and Jerry’s Bar for the remainder of the season.  Successful spearers will still be able to register their fish at Payne’s Point, Stockbridge Harbor, Calumet Harbor (Pipe), and Wendt’s. 


Good luck spearing over the last week of the season!