Sturgeon Season Economic Impact

The DNR Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist would like to know what the economic impact of the sturgeon season is on the local economy. “I’d like to see an update on the economic impact the one you cite it was estimated that the annual spear fishery contributed $3.5 million to the local economy.” Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs points out the study put together by the UW-Oshkosh was done in the early 2000’s. He says it doesn’t take a lot of things into account that are different today. He says, “Even just looking at license sales and the increased interest in folks that buy licenses we’ve probably close to doubled since then and also taking into account  the economic contribution of people that take part is some aspect of sturgeon season but don’t actually buy a license.” Koenigs says the sport has actually grown in popularity. It has also inspired events built around the sturgeon season like Fond du Lac’s Sturgeon Spectacular.