Sturgeon Season Expected To Last 16 Days

Day nine of the 2021 sturgeon spearing season saw a slight decrease in total harvest from Saturday, as 100 fish were speared on Lake Winnebago consisting of 23 juvenile females, 40 adult females and 37 males. Sunday’s take has increased the total number of sturgeon harvested to 1,202 on Lake Winnebago and 1,566 on the system.

Click here for Sunday’s full harvest report.

There was a tie between Stockbridge Harbor and Harrison Town Hall registration stations Sunday for most fish registered. Both stations had 23 fish brought in Sunday and are in a tight race for the most fish brought in this season. The slightly greater harvest in the northern half of the lake compared to the south is likely attributed to the north’s clearer water. Pre-season water clarity checks conducted by DNR staff found visibility to be around 15-16 feet in the north and west and only 10-11 feet in the east and south. It is expected the harvest trends will continue for the remainder of the season.

After Sunday’s harvest, Lake Winnebago sex-specific caps have reached 58% of juvenile females, 64% of adult females and 48% of males. Incorporating the Upriver Lakes harvest, system-wide sex-specific harvest caps have reached 56% for juvenile females, 65% for adult females and 59% for males. The number remaining to trip the 90% trigger for either the Lake Winnebago or Winnebago System caps are 111 juvenile females, 227 adult females and 375 males. Moving into the second full week of the season, officials are anticipating spearing effort to decrease, making it more likely that the 2021 Lake Winnebago spearing season lasts the full 16 days.

The largest fish harvested on Lake Winnebago Sunday was speared by Tony J. Gishkowsky. Tony’s fish was an impressive F2 female weighing 138.3 pounds (80.1 inches) and was registered at Blackwolf Landing. Four fish weighing over 100 pounds were registered Sunday, bringing the season total to 67 fish harvested weighing 100 pounds or greater.