Sturgeon Season Pumps Millions Into Local Economy

Along with the camaraderie and sport of the sturgeon spearing season comes an economic impact in the cold days of February. Department of Natural Resources Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs says it’s a shot in the arm for the communities along Lake Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes. He says over the maximum 16 day season, with average being 9 days, it’s a $3.5 million impact on the local economy. He says even during sturgeon spawning in the spring several hundred thousands dollars are pumped into the area during sturgeon watching. He says that impact is about $350,000 to the communities near the Wolf River. But he says the Lake Winnebago System is blessed throughout the year with a vital impact to the economy from those who fish for all kinds of fish. He says that amounts to $234 million a year.