Sunshine Brings Slightly Better Sturgeon Numbers Wednesday

The clouds finally broke for day 12 of the 2022 sturgeon spearing season.

With calmer winds and plenty of sunshine, spearers harvested 21 sturgeon Wednesday(2/23/2022), bringing the season total for Lake Winnebago to 934 fish (131 juvenile females, 428 adult females, and 375 males).

Currently, 60% of the allotted adult female sturgeon have been harvested for the entire Winnebago system, while only 50% of the males have been harvested.

View the full details in Wednesday’s full harvest report.

Aaron Muche speared the only fish over 100 pounds Wednesday. It was a 72.8 inch, 100.8 pound F2 female registered at the Blackwolf registration station.

Blackwolf has now registered 21 fish over 100 pounds for the season. Congrats on the fish, Aaron, and good luck to the remaining spearers.

Remember to be safe out on the ice.