Superintendent Impressed with Student Involvement

The undefeated Fond
du Lac
Cardinals football team has been impressing
crowds all season long – as they prepare to take on the perennial powerhouse of
Hartland Arrowhead this weekend. But the gridiron isn’t the only place the
Cardinals are seeing success. Superintendent Jim Sebert points to the girls
cross country team, who just made it to state after dominating their sectional
race on Saturday. 

Sebert says “it’s
really impressive when you have a school of our size and you see the vast
amount of activities we have, and then you see the vast amount of success
spread across those activities. There’s really quite honestly at Fond du Lac High School, something for everybody.”

Sebert adds that students becoming involved helps them connect with people around them. And although the school itself “is a large physical plant. Once you get into the school, it feels very small and it feels very cohesive and together. And once you get yourself involved as a student in even just one activity, that connection you have with that adult who’s the advisor or the coach or the teacher or whatever it might be – and the connection with those kids in that small group, it’s very easy.”

Sebert even points to summer football camps, marching band practices,
and other activities can help kids connect before the school year even starts. He looks at his own kids, saying that they got involved outside of school, and “
of that summer, started to develop those relationships, and then as a
connection point in terms of kids as well as adults, that make them feel
successful. So it doesn’t really matter what it is that you’re involved in, as
long as – it helps most kids do better academically as well when they’re
involved in other activities.”

Sebert also talked about how excited he was for an upcoming play at the high school, especially after taking a look at the set design – which was built by students and advisors.