Susan Jones Runs For Reelection To FDL School Board

Dr. Susan Jones is running for a seventh term on the Fond du Lac School Board. Jones says when it comes to school accountability legislators aren’t factoring some things that present challenges for students. She says for instance in her time on the board the number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs has doubled to about 45 percent and more students are transient moving from one school or district to another. She says schools have no control over some of the things that affect student learning. The school district faces a proposed cut of $1.1 million in categorical aid for students in the state budget. Jones says constant cuts in funding are going to impact the type of education offered. She says there are only so much funding cuts a school can take. Jones says in her 18 years on the school board she has always been about curriculum and finding ways for students to learn. She says she’s a very independent thinker. Jones is one of three candidates running for two seats on the school board.