Suspect Crashes Plane While Fleeing Police

A 47-year old Neenah man is in custody – and in serious condition – after he crashed his plane while attempting to flee police. Around 9:30pm Friday night, Oshkosh Police responded to Wittman Airport to arrest the man, who was facing domestic abuse related charges related to an incident a few weeks earlier. Police had been actively looking for the man for Violation of a Domestic Abuse Restraining Order, Intimidation of a Victim, and Disorderly Conduct since the incident. 

The suspect was denied clearance from the airport tower to take off, as officials tried to hold the plane for police to arrive. But the man took off, nearly hitting a police squad car in the process. That also triggered a series of responses from the FAA and Homeland Security. He crashed in Waupaca County around 11:40pm Friday night, and suffered serious but not life threatening injuries. 

He was taken into custody on the original domestic abuse charges, but an additional investigation into his actions during the pursuit could lead to charges in other jurisdictions – including potential federal charges. His name has not yet been released.