Suspicious Fire Under Investigation

Fond du Lac Police are looking into a suspicious house fire from over the weekend. Investigators say it appears there were a number of areas where it appeared someone had tried to set the house on fire. 

But Division Chief of Fire Prevention Troy Haase is reluctant to call it arson – at least for now. Haase says “we wouldn’t classify it as arson. We can tell you there was human intervention involved in the fire, it wasn’t naturally caused, it didn’t come from an electrical issue or something to that extent. But to call it anything other than a personal, human-interactive fire is a little bit premature. It’s under investigation still and the police department will be working on it.”

Police say the suspicious activity at the home along Ledgeview Avenue included acts of vandalism and that they are investigating a possible attempted arson. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Detective Lee Mikulec or the Crime Alert number.