Suspicious Incident In Waupun


Waupun Police say the suspect has been identified and there is no ongoing threat to the community.

Police in Waupun are looking for a man about 60 who approached two young girls in the 200 block of West Franklin Saturday approximately 7 p.m. Police say two girls were on their bicycles when the man drove up in a 1980s Chevy Caprice. He asked them if they knew where the Home Depot was and was filming them with a camera. He told them they would be on You Tube. They rode to a nearby residence, but he followed them and parked on the street. The homeowner came out and asked the man what he wanted. The man again said he was looking for the Home Depot. The homeowner answered him and told him to leave. The man was white. The Chevy Caprice was maroon or burgundy in color. Anyone who might have information about the man or incident is asked to call Waupun Police at 324-7911.