Suspicious Package Found at an FDL Church

A suspicious package found on the steps of Bread of Life
Church in Fond du Lac did not contain anything aiming to cause physical harm.
Brown-Outagamie Bomb Squad cleared the scene just before 7:00pm Monday night, about five hours after the package was initially reported. Assistant Chief of Police Steve Klein says there were only papers and a book found inside the box, but police would not immediately comment on their specific contents.

Pastor H.D. Haywood, Senior says he reported the package when he noticed there
were no postage markings on the box, and felt uneasy. Haywood tells us 
“It didn’t have any markings that it was mailed, so it
concerned me and I made a few calls to our administrator and secretary. They weren’t
expecting anything and because of that, I was advised to call police just to be

Klein says Haywood definitely did the right thing, and reminds everyone that “when you get a package you’re not quite sure about, definitely
call us.”

When he learned about the contents of the box, Haywood told KFIZ “well I’m relieved of that, you know. I’m confused as to who sent it and the contents I was told was in there. Although not anything dangerous, it seemed to be strange and odd”.