Suspicious Person Complaint In Oshkosh

The Oshkosh
Police Department is investigating a suspicious person complaint that was
reported on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at about 11:30 AM at Our Savior’s Church,
1860 Wisconsin Street in Oshkosh. 


A male
subject described as being white, in his 50’s, 6’00”, 250lbs, blonde hair and
wearing a green winter coat, blue jeans and a blue shirt entered the building
and attempted to have a young girl go with him. 
A second male subject was described as being in his 50’s, 5’11” and
having large black frame glasses.  The
girl did not go with the male. 


The two
males were last seen on the S/E corner of the church property and the girl was
taken home by her mother.


If you have
information in regards to this incident, please contact the Oshkosh Police
Department at (920) 236-5700. 


The Oshkosh
Police Department encourages parents to talk to their children about personal
safety and what to do if someone attempts to entice their child or makes the
child feel uncomfortable. 


Here are
some safety tips from the National Crime Prevention Council to talk to your
children about:


recognize the warning signs of suspicious behavior, such as when an adult
asks them to disobey
their parents or do something without permission, asks them to keep a
secret, asks children for help, or makes them feel uncomfortable in any
way. Also tell your children that an adult
never ask a child for help, and if an adult does
ask for their help, teach them to find a trusted adult
right away to tell what happened


also talk to your children about how they should handle dangerous
situations. One ways is to teach them “No, Go, Yell, Tell.” If in a dangerous
situations, kids
say no, run away, yell as loud as they can, and
tell a trusted
what happened
right away. Make sure that your children know that it is okay to say no to
an adult
in a dangerous
situation and
to yell to keep them safe, even if they are indoors.


Make it a
rule that your child must ask permission from a parent to go anywhere, with
anyone at any time.  If the child cannot
check, the answer is no. 


Point out
safe places to go for your child.  When
you are walking with your child to school, point out the places that your child
can go for safety. 


children to trust their instincts.  If
they feel uneasy, as though there are butterflies in their stomach, tell them
to run to a safe place and tell a trusted adult. 


Teach your
child to be assertive.  If a stranger
asks for help or asks for your child to go with them, tell your child it is ok
to say no. 


If you have
questions about child safety, please contact the Crime Prevention Office at
(920) 236-5742.