Taco John’s Opens New Location On W. Johnson

Taco John’s, the leading quick-service Mexican franchise, relocated the Fond du Lac location to a new restaurant now at 616 W. Johnson St.

KFIZ News spoke to Maddie Darling, Public Relations Associate from All Points Public Relations, who told us the new Taco John’s location opened on March 13.

The restaurant on Johnson Street features a myriad of new design elements, kitchen equipment and operational updates to help employees more efficiently serve customers. The location is only a mile away from the previous location, and is excited for previous and new customers to visit the new restaurant.

“We’re excited to open our relocation that’s just less than two miles away from the 84 N. Main St. location customers came to know and love,” said Brett Itterman, CEO of Pentex Restaurant Group who has led the relocation efforts. “We’ve built a strong community at the Main Street restaurant and we are thrilled to continue serving, as well as meeting new customers along the way on Johnson Street!”

The new location will be open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. and on Saturday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Pentex Restaurant Group opened the relocated Fond du Lac store. The group also has a 15-store deal for the Milwaukee metro area with Taco John’s, with two locations already in development. Brett Itterman is the CEO of Pentex Restaurant Group and is responsible for the company’s management, operations and development. The group’s background with the brand will well equip them to lead this relocation.

Differentiating itself in the popular Mexican quick-service segment, Taco John’s prides itself on a unique menu that features delicious, quality-made food. Its commitment to quality has established the brand as the go-to restaurant in its markets. Additionally, its significant drive-thru business, making up 82% of business, has historically represented 65% of systemwide sales, but has since increased to help insulate the brand from recent market shifts.