Taking A Look At Adult Corrections

The chairman of the state Assembly’s Corrections Committee says over the next few years the state will have to evaluate some of its adult prisons. State Representative Michael Schraa of Oshkosh is proud of some of the solutions they came up with for Lincoln Hills and juvenile corrections. He says they have to take a look now at their adult facilities as well. He says, “I think we need to take a strong look at our adult corrections and many other states are reforming their adult corrections and I think that is something that there is a little bit of an appetite for that you know could definitely happen in the next two to four years.” Schraa feels they particularly need to look at older facilities in Green Bay and Waupun. He says, “When you’ve got prisons that were built in the 1800’s it is very hard to keep individuals that work at those facilities safe and individuals that are housed at those facilities safe.” Schraa represents the 53rd State Assembly District, which has eight correctional facilities within it.