Taycheedah Man Thanks Deputies for Life-Saving Actions

A Taycheedah man who was revived by Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputies earlier this month had his chance to thank them in person Thursday. Ron Bohlman suffered full cardiac arrest at his home on June 5th – forcing deputies Logan Will and Cody Sokolik to perform chest compressions and shock him with an AED. 

Deputy Will tells us the results made the incident the highlight of his career so far. He says “it’s purely, purely amazing. It’s one of those outcomes we don’t get to see a whole lot. Especially working at the county sheriff’s office where response times can be a bit delayed from the pure fact of the ground we have to make up. So it was pretty amazing to know that he was talking to the paramedics in the back of the ambulance and then a couple days later he was out of the hospital and up walking around.”

Bohlman says he went down just minutes after returning home from a day-long fishing trip. Scans checking what may have caused the heart failure also turned up a cancerous mass in his right lung – but he says he’s taking things one at a time. 

Bohlman tells us he was excited to meet the deputies, and “more than anything I was looking forward to actually being able to
press their flesh, shake their hand, and thank them personally for their
involvement and bringing me back from lying flat on my back in my driveway dead
to the world to standing here and talking with you today.”

Sheriff Mick Fink says it’s
the first time he remembers a person surviving an incident like this and being
able to walk into the building to thank the deputies.