Taycheedah Town Board Race Contested

The Taycheedah Town Board has a hotly contest race in Tuesday’s election. Challengers Bob Norris and Dave Howell are trying to unseat incumbents John Abler and Jim Rosenthal. Norris says one of the issues is accountability. He says people are not aware of what is going on because they are not seeing meeting minutes and agendas. He says people who would have objections to issues aren’t raising them because they are not fully informed. Jim Rosenthal says they have a pretty good web site and more people are visiting it because of the criticism. He says it’s not difficult to navigate and oddly enought Bob Norris is one of two people who help set up the website.

Transparency Issues

Voters in the Town of Taycheedah tomorrow have four candidates to choose from for two seats on the Town Board. John Abler and Jim Rosenthal are the incumbents running for reelection. Bob Norris and Dave Howell are challenging them for seats on the board. Norris and Howell say there are issues with transparency involving the posting of minutes and agendas. Howell says they would like to see more residents involved in the process of new business and topics that come before the board. Abler feels he’s been doing a good job. He claims Norris recently moved into town to run for the board and recruited a friend, Howell, in an effort to take over the board. Town residents can decide for themselves Tuesday.

KFIZ Interview with Bob Norris and Dave Howell.

KFIZ Interview with John Abler and Jim Rosenthal.