Tech Support Scam Report

du Lac
area residents are being warned about a recent report
of the tech support scam in the area. Officer Keywon Brown of the Fond du Lac
Police Department says with the scam, a person will call saying they are with
Microsoft or a different computer company and that they detected a breach in
your computer’s security and they’ll fix it for a fee. He says they will
continue to call back with different perceived issues each time and a different
price each time, so each time they call they’re taking more money away from
you. Brown says by giving the scammer remote access to your computer, you are
giving them access to personal files and data and also allowing the opportunity
for them to download ransomware or a virus. Brown says the best thing to do if
you think your computer needs repair is to take it to a trusted family member
or local business to get it fixed.