Technology, Improvements at Schools

The incorporation of technology at schools has been growing exponentially over the past few years – with many classes replacing textbooks with laptops. Superintendent Jim Sebert says schools around the Fond du Lac School District are using the newer methods to position students for a more advanced future. 

Sebert also points out that smartphones are now too prevalent to keep out of the classroom. He says “we’ve taken the approach that if the teacher wants them to bring them in and they can use them for an academic purpose, that’s great. Otherwise the expectation is let’s put them away and try to focus on the learning. But I think we’re past the day where we say don’t bring them or keep them locked up all day.”

There are also discussions over referendums to upgrade buildings around the district – whether it’s additional safety measures or putting on a new roof. Sebert explains that “most of our school buildings were built in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and within your regular operational budget, you can do some projects but you can’t keep up necessarily with all of the things that need to happen in terms of building exterior, roofs, parking lots, innovations within classrooms and within schools – and not to mention new pieces that have come into play such as school safety and security.”

The district also plans to apply for additional funding through the state school safety grant program. Sebert adds that “doors of classrooms and doors of schools were open until I came – which this will now be year number ten. We started locking the outside doors of the schools, so for ten years we’ve been doing that but now look at where we’re at – now we’re at shatterproof, resistant film on entrances and background check systems and secured entrances.”