Teen Aces Two Ham Radio Exams In FDL

If a receiver mixes a 13.800 MHz VFO with a 14.255 MHz received signal to produce a 455 kHz intermediate frequency (IF) signal, what type of interference will a 13.345 MHz signal produce in the receiver?

A. Quadrature noise.

B. Image response.

C. Mixer interference.

D. Intermediate interference.

This rather daunting question is one the many questions on the test for your General license for Ham Radio, a hobby that has increased in interest recently all over the world. People use Ham Radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. It’s fun, social, educational, and a lifeline during times of disaster.

To get your General Ham Radio license is quite an accomplishment. When you are only 13 years old, it’s an incredible accomplishment! That is what happened at Moraine Park on a recent Saturday morning.

Last weekend, the Fond du Lac Amateur Radio Club held a testing session at Moraine Park College in Fond du Lac for all Ham radio licenses required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). That’s when we meet Isaac Lundberg, 13 years old, a seventh grade student at Redeemer Lutheran School in Fond du Lac.

Isaac joined the other applicants and first took the Technicians License, aced it, and then shocked everyone and proceeded to take the General Class Exam. At 13 years of age, he passed both license exams!

Isaac’s interests are many and varied including electronics, computers, and a variety of music instruments.  His analytical mind has led him to wonder about how things work.  As a young toddler , Isaac was fascinated by things such as fans, phones and vacuums.  As he grew, his understanding grew also and he began building simple circuits through play.  As an older child, Isaac’s grasp of computers has developed and he has become the electronics problem solver in his home and elsewhere when computer issues arise.  While others his age may be thinking of a sports career, Isaac sees his future as a computer programmer.  His interests in programming and electronics have been enhanced by taking summer classes in robotics and computers at Moraine Park and UW Fond du Lac. 

“His interest in radio actually began as a search for a way to transfer signals within our own house from one device to another.” said his mother Lori Lundberg. “Wanting to make sure he was following proper procedures led Isaac to discover the FCC and their requirements and restrictions for such activities.  Internet searching on the FCC led him to the world of amateur radio and his interest grew.  He attended a few meetings of the Fond du Lac Amateur Radio Club and began studying for the exams.  Isaac found fascination in being able to communicate with others all over the world using radio signals and also wants to participate in contests and help with events using such radio communications.”


“He is excited to have passed the Technician and General Exams in the same day and is now itching to know what his call sign will be.  He can’t wait to find a radio to use and begin sending and receiving from his own home!” said Lori.

The Fond du Lac Amateur Radio Club meets at Moraine Park College on the second Monday of each month. The club sponsors classes and tests throughout the year. Meetings are very educational and are open to the public. For more information on the club, contact Joe Scheibinger K9VY at 920-237-1450.