Tempers Flare, But Calm Heads Prevail At Protest In FDL

It started last Thursday as
a peaceful protest in front of My Custom Shop located on North Main St. in Fond du Lac. The protest was a result of
comments made earlier last week prior to the Peace Walk that took place on Johnson St. And
with temperatures rising on Monday, so were tempers. 

Ish Harris was one of the protesters
that had taken up residence in front of My Custom Shop last Thursday, and he
was back again Monday, with his chair and his flag. But the peaceful protest
took a bit of a turn when voices were raised, causing My Custom Shop owner
Darryn Shipton, to bring out the garden hose. That led to a few more people
raising their voices, and ultimately brought out close to a dozen City of FDL Police Officers,
along with a couple deputies from the FDL County Sheriff’s Office. By early
Monday evening, the protesters had gone their separate ways, and all that was
remaining in the vicinity were roughly 5 squad cars strategically placed in the

A Facebook post late Monday evening issued by Carrie Shipton,
wife of My Custom Shop owner Darryn, said “ perception is reality. My Custom
Shop understands that, while certain comments were not in any way meant in the
way they were perceived, they were still perceived that way and as such, should
not have been said. We have never felt we are racist, we love ALL of the people
in our community, regardless of color or background, and have gone out of our
way to help people in our community countless times over the 15 years we have
been part of it….we apologize to those we offended and want to work TOGETHER to
make Fond du Lac and the US a better place for our children.”