Tension as Lame-Duck Legislation Heads for Final Approval

A Republican-controlled legislative committee held a hearing
for nine hours Monday before voting along party lines to pass a set of bills
just before midnight – including some that would weaken the incoming Democratic
administration. That approval set up the legislation for final approval in the
Senate and Assembly today. 

Other measures in this lame-duck session would
weaken the attorney general’s office by allowing Republican legislative leaders
to intervene in cases and hire their own attorneys. A legislative committee,
rather than the attorney general, would sign off on withdrawing from federal

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he does not
“think it’s outrageous at all” – but expressed concerns about Governor-Elect
Tony Evers bringing a “liberal agenda to Wisconsin.” 

Governor Scott Walker is also supporting the package. 

Democratic lawmakers
criticize the scope of the lame-duck session, with one Senator even calling it
a “power grab” and saying “they lost and they’re throwing a fit.” 

have had majorities in the Senate and Assembly since 2011, and will maintain
that control as Evers takes over in January.