TerBeest Seeks Second Term On FDL City Council

A Fond du Lac City Councilman seeking a second term in office feels he learned a lot from his first term. Derek TerBeest serves as the Council’s Vice President. He says while unemployment is low in the City one of the things that they have to do in attracting new business is look for companies that will benefit the public, but also pay a living wage, “That’s one thing we are going to have to focus on a lot in the next couple of years is it doesn’t pay to spend our city money on low wage job providers we have enough of that already.” TerBeest said. He also feels it is time to start implementing some of the suggestions made for improving the downtown. “There were people talking about a consultant to identify what we can do and come up with projects we can just write in. We haven’t actually identified a consultant and a strategy for that yet, but that has been something that has been in the works although I’m a little concerned it has been on the back burner the last few months.” TerBeest also would like to see more responsible spending. He’s hoping when the City reaches a point where it has paid down its debt and has more money some of it can be used for tax relief.  

KFIZ Interview with Derek TerBeest