The Ice Cube Project Coming To FDL

It’s called the “Ice Cube Project” and it’s a different kind of astronomy that will be explained when scientists, staff and volunteers visit the UW-Fond du Lac later this month. UW-Fond du Lac Dean John Short says it involves extreme South Pole science and the biggest and strangest telescope in the world. Over 225 scientists are involved with the UW-Madison taking the lead. The telescope goes through the ice and it studies ghost-like particles known as neutrinos. It’s hoped the project will result in a number of scientific breakthroughs. Short says on Tuesday, February 25th some of those involved in the project will be on the UW-Fond du Lac campus to explain what’s being done, working conditions at the South Pole and more. He says it should be interesting for anyone attending particularly those in STEM courses. To see a video about the project click here