Theisen Student Leadership Attends Conference

Theisen Middle School’s 2016-2017 Student Leadership Team consisting of seventh and eighth grade students recently convened for their second annual conference at the Fond du Lac School District’s Administration Center. The conference, lead by advisors Bill Veness and Carol Anderson, included various presentations and/or activities related to developing core values, defining roles as leaders, and team-building experiences. The guest presenters for the daylong conference were Joseph Moore, Fond du Lac City Manager, and Brad Nerat, Theisen Prinicpal. 


row 1: Jo Wilhelms, Jordan Schultz, Heidi Schultz, Rachel Abel

row 2: Addison Lee, Hannah Freund, Delany Sponholz, Ella Duel, Riley Collett, Calli Haus

row 3: Carly Serwe, Shandra Schibbelhut, Allison Czyzewski, Ellie Wilson, Sophia Katarincic

row 4: Allison Riley, Michaela King, Alana Doherty

row 5: Nathan Abel, Ethan Andrews, Ahmoni Gonzalez, Charlie Quast, Ryan Wendt, Anthony Dallapiazza

row 6: Mason Behnke, Henry Gilhaus, Carter Sampson

row 7:  John Swift, Jacob Hill, Henry Wright, Cole Linder, Drew Dickman, Aidon Camacho