Thelma Hosts Multisensory Mold Exhibition

If you find yourself looking for something to do during the day over the next couple weeks, The Thelma Sadoff Center For The Arts has a unique exhibit you can check out.

The Multisensory Mold Exhibition runs from 10 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday and 10 AM through 3 PM Saturdays through February 25th.

Organizers of the exhibit say at any given time, we are surrounded by microscopic fungi.

Our cohabitation with these invisible molds and yeasts is quite normal, regardless of where we live or how clean we keep our spaces.

This exhibit exemplifies this reality by making the invisible visible and presenting a variety of fungi sampled from homes around the world.

By means of a multi-sensory approach, this exhibition not only intends to demonstrate our entanglement with microscopic fungi but also to counter unwarranted apprehensions and misconceptions.

The mixed media tactile pieces invite the public to engage with and think about fungi in entirely new and non-threatening ways.

The exhibit is free to attend.