Thiesfeldt Bill Would Do Away With A Couple Of Traffic Court Requirements

A bill State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt co-authored would do away with some unnecessary procedures for moving traffic violation cases going before County Circuit Courts. The bill was suggested by Fond du Lac County Judge Peter Grimm. It would do away with requirements to offer an immediate trial and for judges to offer the defendants a continuance. Thiesfeldt recently testified before the Senate’s Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. Thiesfeldt says the offer for a continuance is already printed on the back of traffic citations. A similar bill nearly made it through the last session until an amendment in the Assembly killed it. Thiesfeldt says the continuance technicality is something Judge Grimm testified about before the Assembly last session. He says the judge said he knows of judges who were tripped up by the continuance requirement.  The Senate Committee and Senate passed the new bill and the next step is a hearing in the Assembly.

See Wisconsin Eye Video Of Thiesfeldt Testimony