Thiesfeldt Bill Would Give Teachers More Protection In The Classroom

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac will be introducing the Teacher Protection Act. The former Winnebago Lutheran Academy teacher has been preparing the bill for the better part of a year working with groups that would have a stake in it. School boards, school administrators, teachers unions, law enforcement, and groups that deal with student disabilities have all had input in the process. The current draft of the bill is the tenth, but the bill is nearly ready for introduction. Thiesfeldt says increasing problems with student behavior have teachers working in threatening environments. He says in some schools teachers have told him that students are kind of in charge. He points out some of the problems that have ensued come from some federal issues that came down from the Obama administration which are still lingering on in the schools. Thiesfeldt’s bill in part reminds teachers of rights they have under the law, but may not be aware of.