Thiesfeldt Bills Move On After Being Passed By The Assembly

Six of State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt’s bills have been passed out of the Assembly and one has moved on to the Governor for his signature into law. Thiesfeldt says the one sent to the Governor had to do with antiquated requirements for those facing moving violations in traffic court. He says Fond du Lac County Circuit Court Judge Peter Grimm brought the problem to his attention. He says it does away with having to hold an immediate trial at a defendant’s request and it also eliminates the need for judges to inform defendants they have a right to a continuance. He says another bill has to do with election recounts and grew out of the controversy last fall when Green Party candidate Jill Stein asked for recount for the Presidential election in Wisconsin even though she finished well back in the voting. Two bills had to do with eliminating “red tape” and two others grew out of a Legislative Council Study Committee on School Data.